The clothing we buy is bad for our planet,
but it doesn’t have to be.

21 billion tons of textile waste ends up in landfills each year
When you buy higher quality garments, you reduce textile waste.
'Fast fashion' is notorious for poor labour standards
Canadian manufacturing offers better labour standards and provides jobs in the local economy.
Longer-distance freight = larger environmental impact
Locally-produced goods don't ship as far. It's that simple.

When we purchase low quality clothing that wears out and falls apart after only a few wears, we’re contributing to the over 21 billion tons of textile waste that ends up in landfills each year. To put that into context, that’s equivalent to 9 BILLION Tesla Model S cars or 161,538.5 CN Towers. Long story short, that’s a LOT of textile waste.

The fashion industry needs to change.

When we started, we didn't even know how bad it was

When we first launched Local Laundry, we knew very little about the fashion industry. Unfortunately, the more we learned, the more we understood how damaging this industry was on our planet. The sheer amount of waste and destruction t-shirts and sweaters could cause was appalling. Quite honestly, we wanted nothing to do with it.

The issues

  • Low quality clothing creates a massive volume of waste worldwide
  • Toxic chemicals used in a lot of overseas manufacturing is disastrous to the environment
  • Garment workers worldwide are exposed to terrible labour conditions
We had to choose: walk away, or create change?

But change never happens by accident. It was then and there that we made the conscious decision to alter the way our business operated. We canceled ALL overseas manufacturing and instead, moved to domestic manufacturing. This had a drastic effect on our impact. 

  • Lower emissions as a result of strict Canadian environmental regulations

  • Lower product waste as a result of high quality manufacturing process

  • Lower economic damage as a result of toxic free manufacturing. After our clothes are dyed, the wastewater is treated and so clean, it can be dumped right into the water stream

  • Lower physical toll on garment workers as a result of strict Canadian labour regulations

Our Canadian dye partner uses roughly 75% less water than industry average

Standing up for what is right

Our business went from contributing to one of the worst industries on the planet, to actually reversing the damage our company was doing. We knew we could be better, and we work everyday to continue that journey of being better.

Our knitting and dyeing facilities are GOTS certified and our dye facility uses the lowest liquid to yarn ratio in the industry

Creating garments for social good

This is why, in addition to manufacturing all of our products domestically in Canada, we also focus a significant amount of time and efforts on our charitable contributions. To date, we’ve raised over $100,000 for local charities. It’s proof that as a small business, with incredible customers like yourself, we’re able to still have a big impact. There’s no other clothing company in Canada of our size that has the kind of impact we do. That’s all thanks to you.

Together, we make an impact

  • Over $125,000 to local charities
  • Employing our neighbours
  • Milled, dyed, cut, sewn, and decorated here in Canada
  • Quality made to last

"Demand quality, not just in the products you buy, but in the life of the person who made it"

What we're doing about it

Creating garments made to last

When you invest in garments made here at home, you’re investing in quality. From high performance fabrics to tailored fits, these aren’t your average overseas t-shirts that get worn twice then disintegrate in the wash.

Employing our neighbours

Choosing Canadian is choosing jobs for your family, friends and neighbours. Jobs that pay a liveable wage—plus health benefits—and keep our national unemployment rate low and Canadians happy and healthy.

Fighting for the great outdoors

If you’re anything like us, you like to enjoy the great outdoors, whether it’s the Rockies, our prairies or coasts. Shopping Canadian reduces our environmental footprint and keeps Canada green for generations to come.

Loved by Canadians

In an effort to combat fast fashion and create a lasting impact with our company, we began investing in high quality clothing. Clothing you’ll wear for years, not months. We started investing in better fabrics, like our bamboo and organic cotton crewneck, which features 80% rayon from bamboo, and 20% organic cotton. As a result of using this fabric, no pesticides or harmful chemicals are required in crop production, in addition to lower water usage. Bamboo is also naturally antimicrobial, which means less water usage after purchase as the garment does not hold onto odours as much as other fabrics such as cotton.

It is one of the softest shirts I own. It is so comfortable. I wear it to work (healthcare worker) as well as in my personal life. The sizing recommendations were spot on. Love this t-shirt so much.


Bamboo T-Shirt

Best hoodie ever. Softest fabric I have ever had with this style of garment. Delivery was as advertised. You exceeded my expectations. Well done Local Laundry.

Marc Prymack

Bamboo Zip-Up Hoodie

The fabric is amazing and the quality and fit was perfect. The team at local is amazing with the service and not to mention yay supporting jobs in Canada 🇨🇦

Tiffany Johnson

Bamboo T-Shirt

So soft.
Bury me in this sweatshirt pls.


Bamboo Local Crewneck

The Local Script Puff Print Bamboo Sweater

Sure you'll look good in them, but you'll feel even better.

Printed with a raised puff print, these t-shirts and crewneck showcase the high quality values that Local Laundry embodies. They’re durable, stylish, and cozy with a premium feel.

Local eh-conomics

Milled, dyed, cut, sewn & decorated locally by people you call your neighbour

Top-tier textiles

Ethically sourced, responsibly made

View Product

Sustainably snuggly

Fewer boats, planes, trains and trucks to get you your next favourite tee

Wear and (not) tear

Garments that you'll wear for ages. Good for your pocket, better for our planet


So how does Local Laundry give back?

Since 2015, we’ve raised over $125,000 for local charities, with a goal of donating $1M by 2030. Through various campaigns and charitable events, we help raise funds for charities and nonprofits seeking assistance.

On top of financial donations, we’ve also gone to great lengths to improve our own carbon emission reduction which includes carbon offsetting the shipping for every order placed online. You can ship, and shop, guilt free knowing that the carbon offset for shipping your order is offset. In addition to this, we’ve enabled customers the option to carbon offset their entire order online through a new environmental tool.

So go ahead,

look good

and feel good.

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